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Quiet Quitting

⭐️ Quiet Quitting ⭐️ This seems to be a new phenomenon in the current time, where professionals do not actually quit their job but are disengaging. Companies may not immediately notice their professionals are quietly quitting, because it is a process that takes place slowly and rather unnoticeable. However, there are several signs that will give leaders and executives an indication of the #quietquitting of their professionals. Also professionals might relate to these behaviors, and understand that their #mindset is switching towards quiet quitting. So what are some behaviors related to quiet quitting? 👉 Mentally and emotionally you will feel less connected to your job. You are still performing your duties, but you are no longer going above and beyond. 👉 You are saying “no” to tasks or projects that are not directly part of your job description. Also, you are skipping social events, for example team drinks and dinners, that are taking place outside working hours. 👉 You are staying in a job you no longer really enjoy, or land a new role in the company that is not fully aligned with your purpose and mission. 👉 You are up for something that is (more) fulfilling and meaningful, but you find it difficult to find your true purpose or to bring your ideas into practice. 👉 You are not feeling valued by the company and you think that “they” could do more to keep you motivated and engaged. You stop taking care, because you do not feel taken care of. In my coaching practice, I do see a trend of professionals and leaders who are shifting their mindset towards #quietquitting. They are “doing what is needed”, “making the best out of it” and “hoping for better days to come”. Luckily, it is possible to change your mindset, and find out your true #purpose. To get into alignment with your current role, or change to something new instead. To feel #engaged, #valued and #fulfilled 💫 Sometimes you just need a listening ear and someone to help you shift your #mindset, whether you are experiencing quiet quitting behavior yourself or noticing this behavior in your team or company. If this speaks to you, feel free to send me a private message or email me at to learn how I could partner with you. What are your experiences or tips with respect to quiet quitting? #coaching #leadership #quietquitting #mindset



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