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Imposter Syndrome

Did you know you are not the only one? Many people who feel they are a fraud or #imposter think they are alone or unusual. But the opposite is true! The #impostersyndrome can hold anyone back from achieving their #goals. In her book “Lean In”, Sheryl Sandberg described the #impostersyndrome as the “phenomenon of capable people being plagued by self-doubt.” People suffering from #impostersyndrome are more likely to beat themselves up for mistakes. Instead of taking it as an #opportunity for #growth, they feel frustrated and start to belief that all they can do is making #mistakes. Dealing with #impostersyndrome also involves not feeling worthy to #celebrate your successes, because you believe you cannot be successful. Despite having a successful #career, you can still feel that you should not be in the #leadership position you are holding. You can feel insecure. You can doubt yourself. And yet you can still be successful 💫 Remember you are not the alone one! ⭐️ Can you relate to #impostersyndrome? ⭐️ #coaching #leadership #career #impostersyndrome

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