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Dream Career Coaching Program

Let's find your

inner passion!

The Dream Career Coaching Program is a customized system for corporate senior leaders who feel unfulfilled or stuck in their current career. Through my 4 C's signature program, we will take you from nearly burnt out and exhausted to a life and career that energizes and fulfills you! 

Coaching comes in many forms. It is understandable that you are having a hard time figuring out what program suits you best.


How about I help you choose? 

Schedule a free discovery call with me and we will run over the options! 

Let’s set you up for success!

Dream Career Coaching Program

Energy Up! Assessment

Energy Leadership Training

One Day Retreats


By the end of our work together, you will know exactly what kind of work fuels your passion - and how to pivot into it. I will coach you through redefining success on your terms


You will leave with an implemented action plan to confidently steer your career into the direction of your dreams and start living your life on your own terms.

    • You are ambitious and successful in your career (on paper), but inside you lack a true sense of purpose and fulfillment in your current leadership role.

    • You want to transition to a career that will provide more balance and less exhaustion.

    • You want to step into a career that allows you to bring your “authentic self” to work.

    • You want to prepare yourself for a promotion or a next role in a different department or industry, but you struggle to turn your ideas into tangible action steps.

    • You secretly desire to change course altogether, but you feel afraid to leave the career you built behind and start something new that suits you better.

    • 1:1 Coaching (16 sessions) with Fabienne to help you build your vision for a fulfilling, successful career and balanced life, and the accountability to ensure you implement sustainable changes to get there. 

    • Online demand learning center with videos and workbooks to navigate at your own pace in order to learn how you can re-define success as it relates to your career and life, optimize your potential, and set smart goals that lead to achievable results. 

    • Library Vault of assessments to help you identify your dream career and find out how you can set yourself in motion to achieve the results you desire.

    • Optimization of your LinkedIn profile by a specialist to help you succeed in landing your dream role.

    • Guided meditation and breathwork sessions by an expert teacher that will rewire your brain to expect success and head confidently into the direction of your dreams.

    • Online private community with like-minded leaders to exchange experiences, resources, bounce ideas and build your network for next career moves.

    • Between sessions access to Fabienne via chat or mail to enhance your process of growth and take you by the hand when needed.

    1. Enrollment in the Dream Career Coaching Program (9-month duration).

    2. “Light version” focused on leadership development, thereby covering step 1 and 2 of the Program. Included are 10 private 1-1 coaching sessions with me (6-month duration).

    • Expertise: Fabienne has almost two decades of experience in the corporate world. She held senior leadership positions, where she has guided and coached direct reports from all across the globe. In addition to her corporate and leadership expertise, she has a special needs child and knows firsthand how to successfully pivot a career to lead a more balanced life. Combine this with her coaching certifications from the Institute for Professional Excellence Coaching (CPC and ELI-MP) and the International Coaching Federation (ACC), and Fabienne offers the perfect combination of coach, corporate executive, and parent.

    • Accountability: In this program you will be taken by the hand and held accountable to implement sustainable action plans. Other career coaching programs fail because accountability measures are not in place to allow for consistent, meaningful action from participants. 

    • Methodology: We will walk through my 4 C’s signature program. This is a system designed to help you transition from feeling unfulfilled in your current leadership role to waking up energized and motivated each day, and feeling passionate about what you do. Where other programs focus solely on career coaching, leadership coaching or life coaching, this program includes all of these aspects to help you escape the daily rat race so you can start living the life and career of your dreams.

    • Tools and resources: You will have access to an Online demand learning center with videos, workbooks and other tools and resources that will facilitate your learning and will help you get unstuck. It’s what you need, when you need it.

    • Networking: You will receive opportunities in this program to network with like-minded leaders. Leaders can inspire and learn from each other, bounce ideas and expand their network in an international community. In today’s world connections are more important than ever, and that’s exactly why we have integrated this into the program.

    • Focus on your uniqueness: Fabienne’s greatest inspiration in life is her daughter who, due to her neurodivergence, always reminds her of the importance of living in the moment, focusing on what makes people unique, and truly embracing everybody’s talents and gifts. She will help you choose a career you are passionate about and fits into your ideal life, based on your own uniqueness, because life is better when you are you!

Step 1

Care about yourself: prioritize your mental health & wellbeing

Energized and motivated sound amazing, right? But you're exhausted and nearly burnt out from all work, and no wellbeing. By the end of step 1, we will have broken the cycle of exhaustion and regained a healthy work-life balance.


Imagine it! You'll be able to motivate yourself whilst finally having the energy to positively influence those around you - at work and at home.


  • Re-energize yourself with the research backed attitudinal “Energy Leadership Index'' assessment. Get out of the cycle of exhaustion, regain your confidence, and bring back balance into your daily life.

  • Establish healthy boundaries in and out of the office to prioritize your own mental health and wellbeing.

  • Optimize and influence your own energy to motivate and engage yourself and those around you.

Step 2

Consciousness is key: 

find your authentic self and embrace your talents

Before we can look forwards into a new dream career, first we have to look backwards and inwards. In this step, you will get to the core of who you are, and what makes you successful, so we can later on use this data to identify and transition you to your ideal career.  


We will get to the root of the blind spots that impact why you are not currently where you want to be in your career. I will help you overcome career limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, and fear of failure when it comes to going after a new role. 

  • Identify the values that lead you to be successful in your career and life.

  • Embrace your talents and craft an irresistible professional business mission statement, so you can be crystal clear about what you bring to the table.

  • Break with old patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving you, so you can harness your energy in a way that leads you to success.

Step 3

Career non-negotiables: envision your ideal life and identify your dream role

First, we will examine which parts of your previous roles you do not want to replicate in a future role. We will narrow down your career options and identify what you are really passionate about.


Next you will start rewriting your own chapter by building your career and life vision based on your definition of success. 


  • Assess your career non-negotiables and know what you no longer are willing to tolerate.

  • Find your passion, so you can uncover a career that lights you up!

  • Define your vision for the future, so you can start imagining how your dream career nicely fits into your ideal life.

Step 4

Change coming up: transition to your dream career

Once you know your true calling in life, your passion, you can start transitioning into your dream career. As Walt Disney once said: “If you can dream it, you can do it!”


You will set achievable goals to turn your vision into a reality. Next, we will get you the support you need based on the dream career you have identified for yourself. This includes preparing you mentally for your transition step by step and helping you with optimizing your LinkedIn profile to land your dream role.


  • Set meaningful, exciting goals that lead you to success in your life and career.

  • Get prepared to land your dream role by optimizing your LinkedIn profile and learning how to present yourself as solid as a rock.

  • Transition smoothly into the career of your dreams, so that you can start waking up energized and motivated each day going forward.


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