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Coaching comes in many forms. It is understandable that you are having a hard time figuring out what program suits you best.


How about I help you choose? 

Schedule a free discovery call with me and we will run over the options! 

Let’s set you up for success!

Dream Career Coaching Program

Energy Up! Assessment

Energy Leadership Training

One Day Retreats

Energy Leaderschip Training

Looking for a comprehensive coaching program to motivate and engage your leadership team?

Finally, a leadership program customized to your specific needs!


Whether your team is facing upcoming changes, ineffective team communication, or influencing stakeholders is a challenge, we got you covered!


This program teaches your team to speak a common leadership language, so communication within the team and with stakeholders will flow naturally. Once we finish our work together, you and your leadership members will feel motivated, energized and passionate about what you do.

    • Half or Full Day Training on "Energy Leadership” to speak a common leadership language.

    • Assessment for each training participant, so everyone can understand their own leadership as well as their place as a spoke in the wheel.

    •  Individual debrief session with each participant, so everyone has a chance to go deeper into their own leadership potential.

    • Team coaching session to ensure you are set up for long-term 

    • Before the training session, all participants will complete an Energy Leadership assessment* and will receive their own unique Energy Leadership report, so that they can apply the learnings shared during the team session to their own energetic profile. 

    • During the training session, participants will start connecting on a deeper level, knowing how to effectively reconcile different perspectives and make conscious decisions as a team. The combined energetic group results will be debriefed, without sharing individual results.

    • After the training session, all participants will receive an individual debrief session in which they will get more clarity on who they are, and how they tend to respond to others. This fosters effective communication and collaboration in the team and with stakeholders.

    • A follow-up team coaching session will be organized to ensure learnings are implemented and create a sustainable impact.

    * The assessment is GDPR compliant.

    • The Energy Leadership assessment and debrief is a process that helps you recondition yourself to see the world and yourself in a different manner, which is going to help you overcome any communication and collaboration challenges or changes. 

    • Action without awareness creates lukewarm results. However, if we go through this energy leadership process and change those underlying beliefs, we will create a ripple effect of change and results

    • It creates an "Energetic Leveraging Effect”, where one small shift to one key leverage point can create massive results. This research backed attitudinal assessment tool will help us find those leverage points very quickly. 


"The insights from the Energy Leadership assessment helped my Leadership Team of my department to better understand the energy levels they display under different circumstances individually and how this can impact the wider team collectively.

Fabienne helped us to practically interpret the results from the assessment and work on techniques to become more aware of the energy levels we are displaying to each other and the wider team, so that we can make interventions to function at higher energy levels.

This has helped to foster better collaboration, teamwork, and loyalty within the team.” 

D.W. – VP, Internal Audit Executive

"Fabienne supported our Management Team in successfully completing the Energy Leadership training, acting as our Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner. Fabienne guided the team from pre-reads to Energy Leadership assessment summary. In the workshop she created trust and openness, which allowed for deep conversations and insights.

For me, the Energy Leadership session provided good insights into the concepts of personal and group energetic profiles and created awareness about what drives my perceptions, feelings, and actions, so that I can recognize and change habits and patterns that do not serve me well.

Fabienne did an excellent job in leading the training and ensuring a lasting impact!”

J.V. - Senior Finance Director

"How you use your energy determines outcomes, whether they are “good or bad” outcomes to you. How you use your energy determines the quality of relationships you will have, and your success both professionally as well as privately. These are the important insights the Energy Leadership training has given me. I would be foolish not to use those learnings in all of my personal interactions."

F.N. – Chief Investment Officer

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