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“Fabienne’s coaching was totally beyond my expectations. She focused on me and listened with great patience to what I was experiencing. Then step by step, she helped me to find the root causes and solutions for my inner conflicts by asking powerful questions. 


I feel Fabienne is very good at asking some provocative questions by quickly catching up the core points in the conversation, and then inspiring people to think by themselves. It looks like she coached me, but in fact she empowered me to coach myself with deep reflections through her questions.”

L.M. - Senior Manager Accounting & Reporting

The Energy Leadership Index™ assessment that Fabienne conducted with me turned out to be a refreshingly new assessment form in terms of making explicit the different energies that one uses during normal and stress situations.

I have done quite some personality assessments and this one really stands out in terms of usefulness as it really says something about you and how you behave as a manager and probably also at home. 

Fabienne is a very professional coach and knows how to carefully take you through the background and purpose of the assessment as well as the outcomes. Her way of working makes a real difference in combination with the powerful assessment.” 

N.D. - CEO and Co-founder

“I highly recommend Fabienne as a coach. During sessions with her, I got the confidence needed to take the next steps in my corporate career. By asking always great questions, she helped me understand that I am worth moving forward when I feel ready, and I am good enough just by being myself. The atmosphere created by Fabienne is friendly and full of honesty, exactly what is needed to have an open conversation. Much recommended.”

K.Z. - Finance Business Partner

“Thank you for your attentive, insightful, and relieving coaching sessions. You helped me find ways to explore and more clearly define my vision. Once I know what I wanted to accomplish, you have been accompanying and helping me to get there. You have been a vital part of my life and I look forward to our continuing relationship.”

C. L. - Senior Director Accounting & Reporting

“I started working with Fabienne as a coach when I was looking for a position and a team in the company that would be a good fit for me. Thanks to her coaching I learned to stand up for myself, dare to say what I need and speak up on how things can be done in a better way. Fabienne is a very pleasant coach, who listens and motivates, is positive and excited!”

M.T. - Customer Care Manager

“The insights from the Energy Leadership assessment helped my Leadership Team of my department to better understand the energy levels they display under different circumstances individually and how this can impact the wider team collectively.

Fabienne helped us to practically interpret the results from the assessment and work on techniques to become more aware of the energy levels we are displaying to each other and the wider team, so that we can make interventions to function at higher energy levels.

This has helped to foster better collaboration, teamwork, and loyalty within the team.” 

D.W. – VP, Internal Audit Executive

“Fabienne supported our Management Team in successfully completing the Energy Leadership training, acting as our Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner. Fabienne guided the team from pre-reads to Energy Leadership assessment summary. In the workshop she created trust and openness, which allowed for deep conversations and insights.

For me, the Energy Leadership session provided good insights into the concepts of personal and group energetic profiles and created awareness about what drives my perceptions, feelings, and actions, so that I can recognise and change habits and patterns that do not serve me well.

Fabienne did an excellent job in leading the training and ensuring a lasting impact!

J.V. - Senior Finance Director

During my coaching sessions, I reinvented many unseen sides of myself that laid the foundation for a new ME. Fabienne’s coaching style empowered me to uncover myself step by step and steer my own path.

Fabienne’s diverse experience smoothly compliments her coaching style and made my journey progressing and renewing all the way. She gave me the trust in myself to keep moving forward. During the coaching sessions, I often needed a modest ear to listen to feel confident about my revelations, and Fabienne knows the value of listening completely. I am very glad I enrolled in Fabienne’s coaching program, and I am still enjoying the process of reinventing myself.

V.V. – Finance Manager

As a first-time CEO and co-founder of a scale-up company at the age of 29, I felt like I hit a wall when it came to leading my team. My organization went through a turbulent period, and I felt that I lacked the much-needed leadership skills in my interactions with my team.

During the coaching sessions, I benefitted greatly from receiving a sharp reflection of my behavior. Although we discussed many ad-hoc topics, Fabienne maintained a steady progress in my development.

Within less than 3 months, I achieved a significant improvement in my attitude. I became more calculative and less impulsive. Thanks to her support, I changed the management style of our company from micromanagement to one in which we have clearly defined commitments that we can execute.

S.K. – CEO and Co-Founder

After running my own company for 35 years, I decided to work a couple more years employed at a company. One year down the line, I wasn’t feeling happy and intuitively I knew I wasn’t at the right spot. A friend then recommended me to work with Fabienne. Although I was very skeptical towards coaching and accepting help, I was very enthusiastic to enroll in Fabienne’s coaching program after our first pleasant acquaintance. Soon my skepticism turned to appreciation, because Fabienne could relate to my working environment and stayed away from providing “wishy washy” solutions.

During our coaching sessions, I was confronted with my own doubts about my future career. Fabienne was able to coach me through my fears and doubts, which ultimately let me to decide to change careers. This was a huge relief for me mentally. Consequently, I was no longer feeling down at home, and I became motivated to make new plans. Thanks to Fabienne I am confident that my future looks brilliant again!

T.H. – CEO and Entrepreneur

How you use your energy determines outcomes, whether they are “good or bad” outcomes to you. How you use your energy determines the quality of relationships you will have, and your success both professionally as well as privately. These are the important insights the Energy Leadership training has given me. I would be foolish not to use those learnings in all of my personal interactions.

F.N. – Chief Investment Officer


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