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Coaching comes in many forms. It is understandable that you are having a hard time figuring out what program suits you best.


How about I help you choose? 

Schedule a free discovery call with me and we will run over the options! 

Let’s set you up for success!

Dream Career Coaching Program

Energy Up! Assessment

Energy Leadership Training

One Day Retreats

Are you struggling to energize yourself for another day in corporate?

Energy Up! Assessment


Does any of this sound familiar?


  • You check your calendar during breakfast, and you feel deflated about your schedule for the day ahead. You wish you could be more passionate about what you do.


  • You have several deadlines coming up, top management is asking you to squeeze in an urgent project and emails keep flowing into your inbox. You feel exhausted and wonder where to find the time and energy to get all your priorities done today.


  • You get home late for dinner with your family. Your children are talking loudly while your head is still spinning around some complex issues that you need to resolve. You feel guilty about not being fully present with your family, again.


You could go along relentlessly until your next holiday, hoping it will be less busy at work once you return, but there is another way! 

As a former corporate senior leader and “career switcher”, I understand where you are at. I would love you to discover the first steps to identify and transition to your dream career, so you can wake up energized, motivated, and passionate about what you do!


The Energy Up! Assessment will give you insights into how you can use your energy to feel more successful at home and at work in just 1,5 hours.

Ready to start knowing where you are going?

    • Re-establish your work-life balance and improve your mental health & wellbeing.

    • Understand your unique energetic blueprint and how you can use it to attract more success in your life.

    • Get to the core of who you are and what makes you feel energized and motivated.

    • Forbes endorsed Energy Leadership Index™ assessment to finally find out where your energy is going. PS: It only takes a short amount of time to complete!

    • Customized report for corporate leaders with your personal energetic profile.

    • 90-minute coaching session via Teams with me where I uncover:

    1. How you use your energy to re-establish a healthy work-life balance.

    2. How you constantly attract success and have more fulfillment in your life.

    3. How you identify and transition to your dream career, so you can live the life you are passionate about!


The Energy Leadership Index™ assessment that Fabienne conducted with me turned out to be a refreshingly new assessment form in terms of making explicit the different energies that one uses during normal and stress situations.

I have done quite some personality assessments and this one really stands out in terms of usefulness as it really says something about you and how you behave as a manager and probably also at home.


Fabienne is a very professional coach and knows how to carefully take you through the background and purpose of the assessment as well as the outcomes. Her way of working makes a real difference in combination with the powerful assessment.”  

N.D. - CEO and Co-founder


Yes, I would like to experience this Energy Up! Assessment

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