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Are you sometimes procrastinating?

It is very normal for most of us to proscrastinate certain tasks or decisions.

If you find yourself #procrastinating, ask yourself where your behaviour comes from?

⭐️ Is the task too challenging for you, so you don’t even know exactly where to start?

⭐️ Or is the task boring and repetitive, though time consuming?

⭐️ Is it a task you are not fully committed to?

⭐️ Perhaps even a task that is not in alignment with your values?

⭐️ Are you afraid of taking a decision because you cannot oversee the consequences?

Once you are not energetically aligned to your tasks, because of one of these reasons, it becomes very hard to (timely) complete them. Or even to get started in the first place…

You will start moving tasks on your priority list, and come up with all kinds of excuses.

At the same time, your #energy is draining, because the tasks are still on your list and you keep procrastinating.

What can you do about this behavior?

First, find out why you are procrastinating and then learn from it 💫

Here is some ideas:

👉 Set boundaries, so that you don’t end up constantly taking on tasks that are not energizing you.

👉 Figure out when is your best hour during the day to work on difficult or boring tasks, whether it be (early) morning or (late) afternoon.

👉 Ask help from others, get their perspective and look at your tasks or decisions from a different angle.

👉 Break complex or time consuming tasks into pieces and tackle them step by step. Even making a little bit of progress is still progress!

👉 Plan time in your calendar to work on your tasks and refrain from giving away this time to meetings or supporting others.

👉 Change your scenery. A different environment might inspire you to focus on your tasks and prevent you from checking e-mails or chatting with colleagues instead.

👉 Go for a walk to declutter your thoughts and come up with a clear decision.

👉 Celebrate your successes! Even starting to tackle your #procrastination is an accomplishment.

⭐️ What else can you come up with? ⭐️



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