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People Pleasing

⭐️Do you recognize yourself in people pleasing behaviour? ⭐️ There is nothing wrong with you, if you like to be seen as kind, caring and loyal. Especially people who are (highly) emphatic, often focus more on giving than receiving ❤️ If you feel a lot of compassion for others, you prefer avoiding conflicts, and you do everything to not jeopardize your relationship with others, your behaviour might be so-called #peoplepleasing. Being a #peoplepleaser can lead to: 👉 Not expressing your feelings 👉 Putting too much on your plate 👉 Being afraid to disappoint others 👉 Supporting everyone, except yourself 👉 Saying “yes”, and regretting later If you are stuck in this pattern, your energy will start to drain, you will feel more and more overwhelmed and exhausted … perhaps even to the point of burn-out 🔥 So what can you start doing to turn this around? It is all about setting healthy #boundaries. Curious how you can work on this? 💫 Express your opinion, your needs and your feelings without fearing the response of others. 💫Communicate your expectations of others, loud and clear. 💫 Spend some time on yourself and do what you like to do, even if it is only five or ten minutes a day. 💫 Remind yourself that people will appreciate you for being you 🍀 Can you relate to people pleasing? I invite you to share your insights in the comments section or send me a personal message 👍 #energy #peoplepleasing #coaching #leadership

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